Think you’ve exhausted your favorite composers’ catalogues of works? We’ll make you think again (and throw in a few pieces from the standard repertoire, for good measure).

The program is a concert of staged opera scenes that range from the familiar to the unfamiliar, the light to the dramatic, the fast to the not-quite-so-fast, the (very) high to the (very) low, and the lovely to the deadly and back again, by some of the most well-known composers of opera.

Most pieces on the program are lesser-known works by better-known composers, chosen specifically to integrate repertoire that isn’t standard without alienating audiences who know and love the standard fare. Hopefully, after hearing and watching this concert, our audience will be inspired to explore the dustier corners of music libraries – there are thousands of hours of beautiful music waiting to be found in the operatic repertoire alone, and only a minuscule portion of that is performed on a regular basis.

The program, to be performed by three singers and a pianist, ranges from excerpts of R. Strauss’s famous Der Rosenkavalier to pieces from G.F. Handel’s obscure Poro, Re dell’Indie. Other composers whose work is featured include (but are not limited to) W. A. Mozart, J. Offenbach, G. Bizet, and G. Verdi. The singers are Allegra Durante (soprano), Hayden DeWitt (mezzo-soprano), and Nathan Baer (bass), with Aaron Butler at piano.
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Featured photo: Joe Ritter