Update: New Year, New Projects


The December 1st performance of “Replenished Repertoire” went along quite well, as did a recent performance of Caldara’s fun little opera “Il Giuoco del Quadriglio” – in which four soprani each sing a distinctive and lovely da capo aria, play cards, wax philosophical (or not), and eventually dance. In the Caldara, two months after the “RepRep” reprise and three months after I started studying with my current teacher, positive changes in my technique were clearly audible. I’m extremely pleased, and very excited for the future! I have a few auditions on the horizon, and although auditioning can make tech, especially new tech, fly out the window, I’m hoping for the best.

I haven’t decided what my next independent project will be, but I’m considering options including straight-up concerts, which could be a nice bit of low-pressure fun. I’m satisfied with “RepRep” and not planning to perform the program again… At least for a long while.
I wouldn’t mind more time with the Quadriglio, however.
Time will tell.

Featured photo: Chad Johnson