The Summer Season

Ciao, tutti.

My most recent project, Thespis, bit the dust in a way that left a rather unpleasant taste in my mouth. It hasn’t changed the way I’ll approach projects – if anything, Thespis was the “odd man out” in terms of how I organized things, so its failure was a piquant reinforcement of the ideas and project-related strategy I used to make RepRep a success last year.

Speaking of RepRep, which is a much happier topic, I’ve been playing with the idea of it and may use the same kind of framework to create another program in the future. The foreseeable, yet still fairly far-off future.

In the meantime, there’s an opera I’ve been wanting to work with for over a year, that I’m hoping I can make happen in some shape or form this summer.

If that is a bust, I can get a friend or two together for a concert, we’ll have rollicking heaps of fun, that will be it for my self-starting activities this summer, and that will be totally okay.

The outcome of Thespis still has me wary of overcommitting, and especially wary of divulging too much about a project when it’s too far from being realized. That little voice in my head says maybe I should just relax this summer, but I think I’ve just forgotten how much fun it is to take the Opera Bull by the horns and charge at a project I’m passionate about. And the once and future RepRep, the opera, or the concert would all be passionate work. The question I’m really curious to answer is whether or not I have the drive to see a project to completion when I don’t feel as absolutely desperate as I did during the first crucial months of RepRep last year. Time will tell.