Greetings, all!

Now that the summer season and most of my fall season is over, I have a moment to update things around here.

First, I think our audience and performers would agree when I say Orfeo was a magnificent success! In case you missed it, I’ve uploaded part of one of my scenes here.

Second, I performed with Amore Opera as Papagena in their production of Mozart’s The Magic Flute, and made a brief appearance in their Das Labyrinth. (The sequel to Flute, written by the same librettist but composed by Peter von Winter.) Papagena was a joy, and it’s delightful to note that she’s a role I’ll almost certainly get to revisit in the future.

Third, I have no idea what’s up next for me. After I finish recovering from my seven-week span of Amore rehearsals and performances, I’d like to do auditions – for experience, whether or not I’m cast – but I have no idea when I’ll next perform. For now that’s all right, but I’m already starting to entertain a few concepts for Summer 2014 (or sooner). I know myself well enough as a performer to know that I’ll probably get antsy sooner rather than later.

In the meantime I’m restoring order to my new(ish) apartment, catching up on day-job work, and working on audition repertoire.
I’ll update again once I know what my next move is.

Cheers, all!

Photo: Bird of Paradise by Massano
(Used as an homage to Papagena)


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