Warm greetings, all!

In my last post, I wondered “What’s next?” Since then, things have started appearing!

More information about all these productions and companies can be found here.

First, I’ve been collaborating with my friends in the group Opera Feroce (“Opera that Bites”) to costume their upcoming performances of Magdalene’s Dilemma & A Ceremony of Carols. Magdalene’s Dilemma is a new cantata of music by Giovanni Bononcini, illustrating the title character’s struggle to choose between Sacred Love and Profane Love. Or, more accurately in this case, Sacred and Profane Love fighting with each other for the soul of Magdalene.
The costumes are whimsical and loosely based in the Renaissance style (with some spillover into earlier and later periods). It’s been a pleasure to work on them, even if it meant a few nights with very little sleep.

Next, I’m going to debut with Empire Opera in the ensemble of Montemezzi’s L’Amore dei Tre Re in January of 2014. It’s my debut with the company, and I’m excited to make new connections and hopefully become a part of another excellent group of singers!

Finally (for now), I’m going to make another role and company debut as Mad Margaret in Gilbert and Sullivan’s hilariously dark Ruddigore with the TIC Savoyards in February. The part is split, and I’ll be taking on Mad Meg in the second act, once she’s “reformed.”
To be completely honest, the part’s lower than what I usually sing (see: “Coloratura/soubrette soprano“), but I have a couple of months to polish up my chest register, and I look forward to the part being pure fun. Especially the dialogue.

I’ve started the “test run” of auditions I mentioned in my last post, and it’s still ongoing. Auditions aren’t one of my favorite things to discuss, but I will say that I have a modest lineup of auditions confirmed from now through next February, and I’ve been fairly happy about the ones I’ve sung so far.

On non-singing notes, I’m looking into a few sources of extra income including making and/or decorating and selling costumes. I’m a fan of simplicity and keeping things in one place, so if any of my ideas come to fruition they’ll certainly be mentioned or even featured on this site.

Best wishes, and happy holidays!

PS. I forgot to mention above, but I’ll be jumping into Vertical Player Repertory’s ongoing production of The Dwarf this Thursday (tomorrow!) and Saturday. I’m going to see how much of the music I can pick up by then, but in any case I’ll show up to the performances and be helpful however I can. I’ve seen it already, and I recommend the production highly! In fact, the company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to further the production – take a look!


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