Allegra abroad: Italia!

Hello, and warm greetings,
I have some exciting news to share! 
For my project this summer and as the next step in my career, at the beginning of June I’m traveling to Italy for at least a month to study language, culture, and the music I love! I’m becoming more excited by the day and I can’t wait to start this new adventure, but the planning hasn’t been simple.
Last month I auditioned for and was accepted to a three-week summer opera program near Naples, which included daily Italian classes and music lessons, weekly master classes, and weekend excursions to places of historical interest. However, the program suddenly had to be cancelled, and it’s too late to audition for anything else! I’m still determined to study in Italy, but I’ll have to manage all my studies and travel myself. I’m confident in my ability to make it happen, but planning this trip has become as complex as producing an opera!
If you know about “Replenished Repertoire”, the concert program I produced in 2012, you may remember that I used Kickstarter as a funding platform. To help raise funds for my studies in Italy this summer, I’ve created a campaign using another website, Indiegogo. Click here to take a look!
If you’re wondering why you should contribute, and why I think the trip will be a worthwhile part of my education rather than simply a vacation, here are my plans for when I’m in Italy.
– I plan to enroll in an intensive language course. I can read Italian slowly and competently, but I want to be able to speak it and understand it when it’s spoken. My goal of supporting myself as a singer will almost certainly involve performing in Europe, and speaking a European language is animmeasurable advantage, if not a necessity, for American singers who want to audition and perform outside the United States. Being near-fluent in Italian would also make preparing roles in Italian much easier and more satisfying, since I could spend less time on translations and more time understanding the characters.
– To that end, I’ll explore the cities I’m in and speak Italian daily, to absorb the language. 
– I’ll listen to as much music as I can, whether it’s in concert halls, opera houses, or churches. I won’t stop studying music for a month just because I’m not enrolled in a summer program.
– I’ll take advantage of the flexibility of my schedule, and visit as many renowned places in Italy as I can. I want to absorb the atmosphere that my favorite composers were enmeshed in when they wrote some of my favorite pieces of music.
– I want to have completely new and foreign experiences. Joyce DiDonato, one of my favorite singers, once said in a master class that what a singer does on stage has to come from life experience. To be able to sing, you have to have lived. I believe this wholeheartedly, and while you can’t force a transformational experience, I can’t wait to discover how my performances will be affected after even a month of traveling and learning, and to share that with you once I return to New York in July.
I’ve been studying opera on my own for four years – and over that time I’ve produced two shows, been involved in over 35 other productions, and logged countless hours of classes and voice lessons. I’ve accumulated no debt, but I don’t have enough savings that funding this trip myself wouldn’t cause me some financial stress.
Please take a look at my new campaign, and consider making a contribution. It would mean a lot to me, and if I meet my goal there’s something in it for you (particularly if you contribute a certain amount)! All the details are on the campaign website
Here’s a hint: the perk involves music.
Thank you, and I hope you’re having a great Spring!
PS. Look for updates from me about the 2014-2015 season after the campaign is over!

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