On a personal note:
Sewing is one of my favorite ways to occupy my time. One of my goals for the near future is to sell costumes from my personal collection and take commissions for one-of-a-kind creations, so I can share my love of costumes and beautiful things. Keep watching this space for updates!

These are examples from my costuming portfolio, including some pieces I created from scratch and some that I repaired, altered, and/or trimmed for projects I was hired to work on.

Project: the saga of the red dress
For “Replenished Repertoire” (2012) I wanted to create an 18th-century inspired robe for myself. What started as a panel of curtain fabric has become a staple of my personal collection, and taught me a lot about construction as I’ve taken it through multiple incarnations.
Here’s a look at the piece in construction, during the first performance of “Replenished Repertoire” (note the princess seams), the second performance four months later (the princess seams and false stomacher have been replaced with a more historically accurate front and corset underneath), and Halloween 2014 (lace removed from the cuffs, black lace added at neckline). Who knows where and how it will turn up next?